Golden Triangle

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The Golden Triangle is the region where present day Thailand, Laos and Burma (Union of Myanmar) meet. A little north of this location is China. For a long time, it was a hotspot for Opium trade. The attraction today is that you can visit three countries in one day. We visited only two.

The natural border between the three countries is the Mekong river. We travelled on this river on a boat and reached Don Sao Island in Laos.

On the shore of Thailand is a rather large golden Buddah image. Unfortunately, we did not see it up close. On the shore of an island of Laos there was abandoned boat.

The Thai-Burma crossing is naturally busy. There are many shops and businesses.

This is also the location of the Northern-most point in Thailand.

We climed to the top of a picturesque viewpoint from which both countries could be seen. In the distance on the Thai side was a temple from which, undoubtedly, the view is also quite wonderful.

At one point on the way back, our van stopped at a gas station. The sun was setting, so these pictures look out quite warm and pleasant. There were owners of businesses, with their businesses in tow, heading home for the night on motorbikes.

Papya trees look nice.

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