Don Sao Island

Technically, this should not be in the Thailand section. But the visit did not leave a feeling of having been to Laos. The impression we got was that it is a small island with a fringe population that lives in a small village on the side of the island and is destined to sell products to tourists. In the distance we could can see forests that are part of the Laos mainland.

We started our journey in a small boat on the Thai side of the Mekong River by the Golden Triangle.

Eventually arrived at Don Sao Island in Laos.

Our stay lasted about 30 minutes in all, so there wasn't a lot of time to explore the place. Here are some shots so you can get a general feeling of the island.

There was "Snake Whiskey" for sale. That is, a real snake preserved in whiskey, and a curious bird, though I don't think it was for sale.

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