Doi Inthanon

Doi Inthanon is the name of a large mountain where the remains of King Inthawichayanon of Chiang Mai were burried. (It originally bore the name Doi Luang, literally big mountain.)

On our way to the peak of Doi Inthanon we stopped at the Inthanon Royal Project Research Station and the Wachirathan Waterfall.

There are two Chedis (Buddhist shrines) at Doi Inthanon. Each was built as a birthday present for the king and queen.

The Chedi's are surrounded by intricate images depicting Buddhist ceremonies. Small tiles are being replaced on or the near the sitting areas as part of an ongoing effort to ensure the longevitity of the site.

The entire site is crawling with tourists, many of them Thai. In the distance you can see signs of royalty cut into the grass.

One of the attractions of this place is that it is located at the highest point in Thailand, at 2565 meters above mean sea level. This means that in the winter seasons temperatures are known to reach 21 C during the day and drop to single digits during the night.

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