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Dogs are everywhere in Bangkok. They depend on the generocity of strangers, live anywhere there is space, and sometimes get sick. This female dog recently brought more dogs onto the streets of Bangkok.

The Chiang Mai zoo has two pandas. They are from China and chew on wood. They are fat and lazy. See all my photos tagged with .

The Chiang Mai zoo also has a Malasian (Asian) Tapir. It is not a very elegant creature.

Elephants are magnificant creatures. At the Mae Sa Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai there was a show of tricks where they did various tasks, like running through obstacle courses, painting, and waiing (bowing in a traditional Thai way.) Afterwards we got a ride on one of them. Our elephant was young. There were some elephants that were thirty years old. See all my photos tagged with .

On one of the islands in Krabi there is a beach with monkeys. When boats approach they emerge from the bushes and consume food thrown towards them. See all my photos tagged with .

This is not exciting, but there were some pigs in a small village in the north.

This bird looked sideways at me as I took its picture. Maybe it's because I held my camera vertically.

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